Could you please help me find homes for my puppies?

That’s how we were introduced to our next rescue subjects. Kaylee, Flash, and Beagle Bailey were three of the cutest little mixed beagle puppies you could ever meet. The owner of their mother was able to find a home for one of the pups, but wasn’t able to keep the other three and couldn’t find homes for them.She put in a desperate call for help.

Angels for Animals got the puppies their first shots, and Kaylee was adopted on her first day at Pet Supplies Plus. Flash went home for the holidays with an Angel member, where he attended his very first Christmas Party. A couple of the guests decided he would make the perfect gift for themselves and adopted Flash on the spot. Beagle Bailey was the shyest of the three. An Angel member fostered him in her home for two weeks, and he came out of his shell, turning into a happy, curious little tyke. He was adopted the very next weekend from Pets Supplies Plus. This story has an even happier ending. The owner of the pup’s mother was encouraged to have her beagle spayed, and now there won’t be any more “accidents.”

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One dark December night, a lovely, gentle dog went for a ride with his owner. Then the back door opened and the dog was pushed out onto the side of the road. Confused, the dog watched as his people sped away. He waited for them to come back. They didn’t. Nervous, getting hungry, he headed for the first house he saw. He waited outside until someone noticed him. Kind people, the homeowners took him in and fed him. But they couldn’t keep him. And that’s how the first dog came to Angels for Animals. We named him Gabriel, after the archangel in the Bible.

When Angels for Animals Rescue League was called to help Gabe, the first step was to take him to the veterinarian. He was neutered and tested for heart worms and given his first round of shots. Next, he was fostered for a week with a member of Angels for Animals. Finally, he was ready to hunt for a new home. The generous people at Pet Supplies Plus allowed us to bring Gabe to the store. On the very first day, a little girl fell in love with him. The next day she brought her mother to meet Gabe. She felt Gabe and her family were a perfect match. The happy ending to this story is that Gabriel got a new home in time for Christmas. Our last communication with Gabe’s new family reported that he had fit in very well. He is a happy, well-adjusted dog finally in a loving family that he deserves to have.